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Top 4 yummy non alcoholic blender drinks

If you love cooking and trying out new recipes, the non-alcoholic blender is always helpful in trying out different beverages. Non-alcoholic Blenders drinks have special popularity in the house as a welcome addition to the day in the sun during the summer seasons. The whole family is going to appreciate you if you serve them with cool and fresh blending drinks.

But do you know how to make the best beverages with the help of non-alcoholic blenders? If not, we are here to help you with that. We have listed a few popular recipes that the whole family is going to admire.

Non-alcoholic blender drinks recipes

Below, you will find some of the most popular drinks recipes prepared using non-alcoholic blenders.

Banana berry drink

The banana berry drink is among the most popular drinks in the summer. The recipe for preparing this drink is quite easy.

Requirements: To make this super tasty drink, you will just need a ripe medium banana, 1 cup milk, half cup of strawberry with 4 small ice cubes.

First, you will have to cut the banana into chunks after peeling it. Now put the bananas in the blender and pour the milk. Mix yogurt and ice cubes with the former and turn the blender on. Let the ingredients get blended for about half a minute and they will become smooth and soft.

This recipe is for two people who can enjoy the drink with a strawberry each.

Orange Hawaiian Punch

If you are finding yourself annoyed due to the excessive heat of the summer, try out this orange Hawaiian punch drink.

Requirements: Get a 46-ounce can of Hawaiian punch, a small cup of pineapple juice, one-fourth cup of heavy cream, and 2 ripe bananas with a half-cut lemon juice glass.

Bring all the ingredients together and put them in a non-alcoholic blender. But make sure you have sliced the bananas into quarters before putting them in the container. Leave the blender for a couple of minutes to get all the ingredients mixed together.

Serve this super fresh drink to the whole family over crushed ice or ice cubes. This recipe can make an orange Hawaiian punch drink for up to 8 members of the family.

Breakfast Substitute Shake

As per the name, this drink can serve you as your breakfast substitute with the freshness and coolness of non-alcoholic blenders.

Requirements: You will have to get an 8-ounce can of sliced peaches in concentrated syrup, a half cup of plain low-fat yogurt, one 11/2 ounce packet of instant oatmeal with about i56 ice cubes.

Put all the ingredients in the peaches along with the yogurt and oatmeal into the non-alcoholic blender. Then turn the blender on and leave for a few. Add the ice cubes one by one while the blender is running. When all the ice cubes have been chopped, serve the drink to your family and make your breakfast a special one.

Coffee Cappuccino

Try out the super fresh coffee cappuccino drink if you are a coffee lover and want to add a tasty twist to it. It will add the freshness and tasty flavor of a non-alcoholic blender.

Requirements: The simple ingredients used in the recipe include a half cup of instant coffee, a complete cup of nonfat dry milk powder, one-half teaspoon of dried orange peel, and three-fourths cups of sugar.

Put the orange peel and sugar in the blender and leave it to get the ingredients mixed completely. Put the remaining ingredients in the blender and wait for some time.

You can drink this tasty drink by adding 2 rounded teaspoons of the final mixture if you are using a full cup of hot water.

Final words

Here is our list of some of the most popular non-alcoholic blender drinks you can make easily. The list is not complete as you can learn more and more by practicing and reading.

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