Book A Live Session

Recovery Coaching Session

Join a One-on-One Coaching Call with one of KCB’s Experienced Recovery Coaches to walk through your struggles and create a plan and steps carefully curated for your specific recovery journey. 

You will have a recovery coaching call with your coach who will measure your progress, celebrate your wins with you and create strategies for countering your shortcomings.

KCB Meditation

Are you feeling sad, depressed, overwhelmed, angry, anxious, stressed, desperate, frustrated, helpless, fearful or guilty?

The KCB Meditation Session is a surefire way to release tension and brings you away from the worries in your head, quiets your mind and brings you promotes a state of calmness.

This method is a KCB Original and has a 98% Success Rate. Our members say this is one of their favorite sessions.

For this session, you will need a quiet, comfortable space.

Accountability Coaching Session

Are you looking for more accountability? Would you like an experienced recovery coach to help you create goals and take the steps towards accomplishing them? Work with a KCB recovery coach who will walk with you step by step and keep you accountable for the recovery goals that you are looking to achieve.

Your coach will have weekly accountability coaching calls with you to check-in on your progress, and hold you accountable.