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Talk to a recovery expert today if you want to:

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Receive consistent help

Deal with the 'WHY' you drink/use

Feel like your old self again

Be the best version of yourself

Change your habits

Save your relationships

Try a New Approach

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Access the program, anywhere, anytime
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Worksheets and Assessments

Recovery Journey Mapped Out Specifically for you

Personalized Help and Support

Live Call Sessions with your Recovery Coach

One-on-One Support

Hand Holding & Follow ups

Personalized Evaluations and Assessments

Consistent help and Support

Renewed hope and visible results

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Success Stories

"It's easy to get lost in the myriad of programs available for recovery, but rarely you find one that helps and motivates you to be your best. Thank you KCB Recovery!"
J.F (Name concealed for privacy reasons)
KCB Member
"I was in a messy relationship and my drinking was spiraling out of control. This program allowed me to find hope, reduce my drinking, regain control of my life and unpack the years of hurt, pain and shame. Words are not sufficient to express my gratitude to KCB."
G.H (Name concealed for privacy reasons)
KCB member
"Coach Mary was very empathetic and helpful. She opened my mind to new possibilities and options and helped me track my progress and set goals and milestones. The weekly check in calls helped keep me to be accountable and were instrumental in helping me through my journey."
H.I (Name concealed for privacy reasons)
KCB Member
"I have been to multiple AAs, and I've tried almost everything and nothing was working. I was on the verge of giving up because I didn't know where to turn. A friend recommended me to KCB recovery and I decided to take another shot at helping myself out of the rut I have been in for many year. This was my last chance. I was surprised to see the program tailored to my specific needs. The more I delved deeper into to sessions the more I felt my addiction having a less grip on me. KCB is instrumental in helping me get over my addiction."
C.C (Name concealed for privacy reasons)
KCB Member

Free Guide: 10 Tips for Cutting Back on Your Drinking

In this Guide, You’ll Learn: 

1. How to reduce your cravings

2. How to space your drinks

3. Different healthy substitute in place of drinking

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