Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program about and how can it help me?

The KCB Recovery Masterclass Course is a Private membership platform that consists of video lessons, assessments, worksheets and quizzes. The program is specifically designed to:

  • empower you with the knowledge you need to overcome your addiction.
  • help you uncover and change your patterns, habits and underlying issues
  • Provide you with practical tools and methods to help you overcome your addiction
Additionally, All members have the ability to schedule a one-on-one recovery session with our experienced recovery coach. Schedule your session here:

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How can this program help me?

Treating the behavior is not the solution, drinking is simply the symptom of underlying, deep-rooted (psychological, spiritual, environmental and/or biological) issues. 

Here at KCB Recovery we help you to uncover and address those issues, which in turn reduces/eliminates the drinking problem. We do these through video lessons, assessments, worksheets and live calls with KCB Recovery Coaches. The reality is, you have the power to change and take back control of your life and we are here to support you on this journey to true happiness and success.

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My problem is with hard drugs, can this program help me?

Yes, our program is helpful for persons who use hard drugs as well. We have helped a number of persons who struggle with hard drugs such as heroin, cocaine, etc. We’ve also helped person who struggle with prescription drugs

How will my Recovery Coach help me?

Your coach will counsel and support you throughout this journey, listening to your needs and customizing a plan to keep you on track and get you to your best life, shame-free. Your coach will work with you step by step to help you eliminate or reduce your drinking . Get the non-judgemental support that you deserve.

What happens once I Join?

Once you join, you  you will get access to the KCB Recovery Masterclass Course where you can assess your video lessons, worksheets, assessments and quizzes.

You can start on watching the videos and taking the assessments and worksheets as soon as you join, and you can access the Masterclass anywhere, anytime, 24/7.

If I join, will my family members or coworkers know?

We respect the privacy of our members, we never reveal our members’ enrollment information without our members’ permission.

Can I talk to someone live?

Yes, support is a very important part of the KCB Recovery program, you get to have 1-on-1 calls with KCB Recovery Coaches. Click here to schedule a call.

Is this program an alternative to AA?

Yes, this program is an alternatives to AA.

The reality is AA is NOT FOR EVERYONE.  The solution for drinking/using problems is NOT a one size fits all. 

Here at KCB Recovery, we get to the root cause of the reason why you drink, provide the tools and strategies for you to address them and customize steps for your recovery. We cater to your specific needs. 

Here’s how we differ from Rehab:

1. There is no shamed, guilt or judgement involved 

2. You don’t need to uproot your life  

3. You don’t have to abstain to get started, you can continue while you work on yourself  

4. You’ll get one on one individualized weekly call sessions with your compassionate coach

5. You get videos, assessments and worksheets tailored for your journey 

6. This program is not dogmatic and does not involve 12 step

How do I know I need help?

One of the signs that you need help, is if you can relate to any of the following statements:

1. I need back control of my life

2. My Marriage is at risk because of my drinking, I want to save my marriage

3. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired

4. I want to quit drinking

5. I was clean/sober for years, then I had a relapse

6. I’ve been in trouble with the law because of my drinking

7. I’ve lost contact/connection with my family members because of my drinking

8. I want to deal with the ‘WHY’ I drink

9. My Family members don’t trust me any more

10. My children are not allowing me to see my grandkids 

11. I want a better life for myself and my family

12. I feel gross in my body

13. I’m struggling to get back to feeling like myself, I want back the old me

14. I’m tired, I don’t want to live like this anymore

15. I’ve lost my children/or about to lose my children because of my drinking

16. I want to stop overdrinking

17. I want to know how to cope without Alcohol

18. I want to feel normal again

19. I want change and healing

20. I want access to a live help and support

21. I want to quit using.

How do I know if I’m ready for help?

The fact that you’re here on this page right now, tells us that you’re ready to get help.

We know it’s a huge first step in considering to get help, so we applaud your bravery.

If you’re ready to get started and talk to someone who will walk with you on your journey, then click here to get started. 

If you’re ready to join the program, click here, it’s free!

We’re here to support you!

I am afraid that I will be judged

Here at KCB Recovery, we pride our self in being a shame-free and judgement free program. Shame-free support is at the heart of what we do.

You’ll receive real support and help without being judged or shamed – we’re here to give you true unconditional support. You are not isolated or put into any specific category/group, you are treated fairly and kindly, and without shame or stigma.

Break away from the Shame and past that is holding you back from experiencing everything Amazing that life has to offer. You are worthy of true happiness!

Do I need to abstain to get started?

Absolutely not. You don’t have to abstain in order to achieve results. We have many members who have drastically reduced their drinking without abstaining.

If I sign up, can I cancel at any time?

Certainly! You can cancel at any time if you feel like the program is not the right fit for you.

I work long hours and I’m busy, I won’t have time

The Good News is, the program is available online 24/7 and you can access the program  whenever you get some free time

Can I access the program materials at any time?

Yes, you can access the materials, assessments, activity board, etc. online, anywhere, anytime, 24/7, without being restricted or constrained. No need to drive long distance, leave your family, uproot your live or rearrange your schedule to get the support that you deserve. Access support and course material online, anywhere, anytime.

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I have a question

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