About KCB Recovery

KCB Recovery was founded by Chavel Chambers with the goal to eliminate the stigma and shame surrounding addiction and to empower people to gain control over their lives and find complete freedom and satisfaction.

Compassion at the center of what we do (Literally!), that’s why we have Coaches to hold your hands through this journey, listen to you, keep you accountable and carve your roadmap to a more successful future.  The addiction industry is known for offering a one size fit all model, and giving you labels, ‘once an addict always an addict‘.

‘My name is Charles and I’m an Alcoholic’, that won’t work for everyone. We find that Individuality and personalization is the missing factor for success, and we’re here to offer it to you.

Treating the behavior is not the solution, drinking is simply the symptom of underlying, deep-rooted (psychological, spiritual, environmental and/or biological) issues. Here at KCB Recovery we help you to uncover and address those issues, which in turn reduces/eliminates the drinking problem. We do these through video lessons, assessments, worksheets, text message support and weekly one-on-one calls. The reality is, you have the power to change and take back control of your life and we are here to support you on this journey to true happiness and success.

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