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Do THIS Before Abstaining From Meth

Getting sober from meth is easier said than done. Why? Because Meth is a highly addictive stimulant that results in a surge of dopamine that causes an intense feeling of pleasure. Once the drug wears off, it leaves you with negative side effects that will make you want to take meth again so you can recapture the initial high and feel better. It’s a mental trap that’s not so easy to get out of.

But here’s the good news; sobriety is possible for you! Not only is it Possible, but more importantly, it is probable!

There are Millions of people across the world who have struggled with it and hundreds of thousands who have overcome it with the right help and support.

Start picturing yourself as apart of those who overcome it. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t, and DON’T count yourself out.

One of the major causes of meth relapse is the buildup of stress. When it reaches the tipping point, you tend to seek relief by abusing meth. The upside is, Stress is something that you can Reduce.

So, here’s is what you MUST do before trying to quit:

Find a hobby that you absolutely love doing like woodworking, sewing, gardening, surfing, etc. Find something that you truly enjoy, makes you happy and drastically reduces your stress level by at least 50%. And commit to starting that hobby TODAY, even if it seems daunting.


This will be CRUCIAL for you because Meth is a mind fuck, and once you quit you’ll start experiencing withdrawals like mental exhaustion, anxiety, depression, etc, and you’ll need a distraction and a strong will power, else you’ll quickly relapse. You’re struggle will be mostly mental and you need to prepare. You’ll need to focus on something positive to get you out of the depression.

1. Read this article on 6 Drug-free Ways to De-stress after a Difficult Day

2. Grab a paper and a pen and write down:

• The common stresses in your daily live (examples: work problems, limited free time, argument with partner)

• The Positive experiences and hobbies that will make you happy to counter your stress (spending more time with loved ones,  going to the gym, golfing, surfing, journaling, buying a softer pillar for a better night’s rest, etc)

Ensure that you follow though with the plan above, do it regularly and make it a habit.

3. For hand holding and one-on-one support, book a recovery call with a Recovery expert or sign up for whatsapp text support. You need a support system to help you through this.

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