The Best Couples Rehab for alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment, Detox, and Recovery

Worsening substance use can make it difficult for couples to resolve existing relationship issues, as it often introduces additional emotional distance between both people; this, in turn, could further drive maladaptive patterns of substance use. Treatment becomes increasingly important in the face of such a potentially perpetuated cycle. The House of The Rising Son has one of the best couples rehab programs available.

Couples Inpatient Rehab

Couples reside in their program for an average of 28-30 days and receive care in a discreet, supportive and comfortable environment. It’s important to realize that your care need should come before any other consideration. If you aren’t able to fully work on your individual and collective self in rehab, it will be hard to maintain any other area of your life, including your job or parental duties in general. Your insurance may be able to cover couples’ rehab. Talk to the admissions representative at your prospective facility to learn more. Couples drug rehab at the house of the rising son is our recommendation.

Couples Addiction Treatment Programs

Couples or married partners who use alcohol or drugs often fight and experience ever-increasing emotional distance. This can lead to a cycle of increased substance use as one or both members of the couple continue to use alcohol or drugs for stress relief or as a means of escape from their problems. Luckily, there are rehab centers that focus on treating couples, regardless of whether they are cohabiting or married.

Couples Detox

Here at The House of The Rising Son treatment Center, we promote couples walking the road to sobriety together with our couple rehab program. Couples with an addiction disorder can participate in our customized therapeutic processes to achieve recovery together. Our competent addiction experts know that substance abuse in couples can only be treated with family-oriented treatment approach. They design various effective behavioral couple-based therapies that benefit cohabiting partners, helping them deal with addiction issues.

In addition to that, The House of The Rising Son Treatment Center’s couple rehab program offers help to cohabiting partners to improve their relationship, manage stress; especially codependence. Our comprehensive program enables couples to create a fresh relationship dynamic to support each other and maintain recovery. Couples Detox is the first step in any rehab and addiction treatment or recovery.

Sober Living for Couples

One component of an aftercare plan can include transitioning to a sober living facility. Sober living facilities are group homes that offer transitional residence to individuals who have completed a substance abuse and/ or addiction treatment program. Sober living homes provide its residents with a somewhat structured, substance-free environment that enables its residents to continue practicing and implementing the information learned during a substance abuse and/ or addiction treatment program prior to returning to their home environment. Each sober living facility will offer different amenities, have its own set of house rules and associated consequences when rules are not followed, have distinct expectations for its residents, and will vary in cost.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab for Couples

Couples who are motivated to stop using drugs or alcohol may benefit from seeking addiction treatment together. Keep in mind, however, that not all facilities offer couples treatment and, if they do, you may need to meet certain requirements, such as not being physically violent with your partner.

You and your partner must be committed to the relationship and sobriety for treatment to be successful. If only one of you wants treatment or sees a problem, treatment is not likely to work. Remember that you can’t force someone to admit to a problem. Although you can provide encouragement and keep the discussion going, you can’t make them go to treatment if they don’t want to.

Behavioral Couples Therapy

The goal of Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) is to improve the couple’s relationship while building support for abstinence. This means increasing positive activities and improving communication between partners, with both acceptance and change, to facilitate success in recovery from alcohol and other drugs.

Alcohol Behavioral Couples Therapy

This treatment is for when you are struggling with heavy and long-term alcohol addiction. This behavioral therapy is highly similar to behavioral therapies based on various psychotherapeutic models. Like BCT, it also promotes abstinence and improves healthy functioning within couples’ relationships.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Couples

As the name implies, this treatment plan is a comprehensive method used to address drug or alcohol addiction through medication. Our in-house medical professionals prescribe a range of medications, such as naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone, to alleviate addiction withdrawal symptoms.

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