the effects on alcohol on the body

The effects of alcohol on the human body

Alcohol is the most used drink whenever one wants to celebrate his happiness with his loved ones. It has been proven to be a type of chemical that had bad effects on the human body. Also, it is not placed in the place of food items.

The types of alcohol can vary as per your celebration types and your requirements. People use basically two types of alcohol, one externally for other purposes and the other internally to drink. We drink ethyl alcohol. Potable alcohol is made by the process of fermentation. Despite being so popular among people, alcohols bring a number of health issues with them.

How does alcohol affect the human body?

Alcohol can affect the body in several ways. We have mentioned a few of the major effects caused by it below.

  • Alcohol can give a feeling of relaxation, if drank in the proper amount.
  • When drank more than required, it can also cause several alternations with the persons attitude and behavior.
  • After drinking it too much, a person may react in silly or violent ways and you will find it quite hard to ignore that.

In fact, the use of alcohol only affects the balance and coordination of a person. However, it cannot change the way you think, speak, and care. Being a depressant drug, it slows down the speed of messages going to the brain from the bloodstream of a person. This is the main reason why you feel sadder than you did before drinking the drug.

It can also cause severe damage to the liver. The intensity increases if you become a regular user of this drug. Once went inside your body, it takes more than a day to excrete it completely. In some cases, the liver cannot excrete the alcohol present in the body completely which leads to liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis.

Why do I drink alcohol?

Well! There is not a single reason that pursues people to drink alcohol. Some factors that are responsible to influence a person towards it are mentioned below.

  • The most common reason to bring you to drink alcohol is peer pressure. Your circle can be responsible for most of your habits. If you are in a group where everyone drinks it, you are most likely to taste it.

  • The second factor is socialization. If you like going to parties and gatherings, you are more likely to be an alcoholic as there is hardly a party without it.

  • Curiosity can be a major reason why people get into an addiction to alcohol. People, mostly children, are always curious to discover new things and taste new things. When they see their parents drinking it and enjoying the moment with laughter and jokes, they will surely wish to taste it one day.

  • Are you depressed? Let us have a beer party. These statements are usually of a friend of yours if he sees you in trouble and depressed. In your hard times, you will hardly find a better companion than a bottle of beer.


Alcohol brings both benefits and downfalls. It is powerful enough to change one’s behavior towards other people. It can affect the reaction and thinking ability of a person.

On the good side, it has the quality to dilate blood vessels if taken as prescribed by the doctor. Using it in the proper amount fosters the amount of blood that flows around the body.

Now you have gone through both benefits and downfalls of alcohol, it is your choice whether to taste the exclusive taste of alcohol or avoid it.

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