A drug rehabilitation program for Teens

Nowadays, a lot of teens are getting into bad habits of drug and alcohol abuse. It’s very common for parents around the country and in Los Angeles to send their adolescent to Teen Alcohol Treatment. As this new generation of kids reaches an age where they become more and less independent, they start experimenting with stuff. Now, these experiments do not just stay as experiments. Teens are foolish, and not all understand what is right for them or what is bad. These experiments soon turn into an addiction, and then there is a problem in the household. This is why nowadays; we see a lot of Los Angeles drug rehabs for teens opening up in almost every major city of the world.

Even though there are a lot of Los Angeles teen addiction treatment centers available, how do you decide whether your child needs one? Or which center to choose? Well, if you are a struggling parent in this context and need some answers, you have come to the right place. 

Does your child need a teen drug rehab center? 

Before you decide to enroll your child in Rehabilitation for teen’s center, you first need to understand your child. Your child might not need rehab, or he might not even be addicted in the first place. As mentioned above, children experiment in their teen years, which are nothing new, but there is a massive difference between experimentation and addiction. Just because you caught your child experimenting does not mean he is addicted. 

During the teen years, every child has a list of new activities they start doing, which they have never done before, like sneaking out of their house late at night, driving, staying up late, and experimenting with drugs. The fact that they are not supposed to do these and illegal makes them want to do it more. So you need to understand what your child is going through and treat him and her accordingly. 

Now let’s talk about what if your child is addicted; how you understand that. If a person is addicted to drugs, certain signs show themselves. By looking at the telltale signs, you can be sure how much addicted your child is to drugs. The following are some of the signs that your child may show: 

  • His or her physical appearance changes. In this case, they generally get thinner. 
  • They are teenagers, and they do not have the amount of money it requires to maintain a drug addiction; hence, they would steal money. So look if you are suddenly missing money or not. 
  • If your child is spending more time with people who are unknown to you. 
  • Your child’s appetite changes. He or she is either eating a lot or eating significantly less. 
  • One more change that is mostly seen changes in sleeping patterns. 
  • Look out for drug paraphernalia in your child’s bedroom.
  • His or her grades are decreasing, and his or her attention to academics and sports, in general, is also decreasing. 

So if your child is exhibiting any or all of the above symptoms, then it might be time for you to Google Rehab for teens near me. There are many centers for Teen drug treatment in Los Angeles, regarding which we will talk soon. 

Different Kinds of Rehab centers 

Before you go on Google and start searching for Teenage rehab programs near me, let’s first understand different rehab centers and how different they are from one another. Generally speaking, there are two types of rehab centers: inpatient centers and outpatient centers, which is also true for Los Angeles teen drug rehab centers. The main difference between the two is that, in inpatient, the patient stays inside the rehab center until they are supposed to, but they only visit for their sessions in the case of outpatients. 

Key Transitions 

If you are looking for a Los Angeles outpatient drug rehab and want one which is good at what they do and has various programs that can be tailored according to your and your child’s needs, look no further than Key Transitions. They belong to this list of Teen drug rehab Los Angeles, and for a good reason. Their mentoring and housing programs are considered to be one of the best in the country. Let us learn more about these programs: 

  • Teen Outpatient program: Their Intensive outpatient program or IOP is a structured program meant for children struggling with substance abuse, emotional and behavioral issues, and aged 14 to 17. Since it is an outpatient program, they will be allowed to live in their own homes and participate in their daily activities, but the program is going to be very intensive. 
  • Mentoring: Therapy is a multi-layered process, and mentoring is one of the layers. Mentors work hand in hand with your child’s therapist so that whatever is being taught to the child in therapy, they do not have a problem integrating it into their daily lives. That is the whole point of mentoring, to guide the child back into everyday life. The mentor will also provide support via calls and texts if necessary. 
  • Key housing: One of the biggest USP of Key Transitions is Key housing. This is a program for children aged from 14 to 17 who have completed their initial program. This program’s goal is very simple. To provide the warmth and care of a home and at the same time to help them implement the skills they have learned in therapy into their daily lives. This is a very good method to return to everyday life. Here the children will attend school, make their own food, do meditation, have therapy, etc. 

As we can see, if you are in Los Angeles, and Google drug rehab for teenagers near me, they will show up. Key Transitions is one of the best teen treatment programs for your child, and will not only help your teen get past their addiction but help him or her to return to a normal life. 


Teen’s need care and attention. As parents and guardians, we first must understand our teenagers before pointing fingers and blaming them. Having your teen become addicted to anything is scary, but handling the situation in an insensitive manner can lead to lifelong hate from the teen for the family. So take care of your teenagers and, if required, give them the care they need!

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