How much are you spending on your habit?

Are You Spending Too Much on Your Habits?

You may not be counting how much you are spending per week or per month on alcohol/drugs/food, but if you do a quick check on how much you are spending, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Fun Fact: Reducing your spending on your habits can lead to significant savings in the long run.

How much have you spent last month on your drinking/using?

Take a minute to calculate your spending.

Now that you know how much you’ve spent. You can save some extra money per month by spending less on your habits.

Here are 5 tips to reduce your spending:

  1. Determine how much less you want to spend each month. For example if you are spending $100 per month, you might decide that you want to spend $30 per month instead.

  2. Make a plan. Determine the ‘sectors’ you will cut off your spending from and the max you will spend on each sector. It could be that you cut your spending on dinner outs, store purchases, bar tabs, etc. And you can also determine what items you will cut spending on.

  3. Reduce your drinking/usage. The less your drink/use, the less you will need to spend.

  4. Don’t stock up on alcohol/drugs.

  5. Buy something else instead. Think about what you could do with that money instead. What do you desire? What’s that one thing that would make you happy or fulfilled? Cut back on your spending on drugs/alcohol and use the extra money to put towards that thing that will make you happy or fulfilled.

Help for you Habits

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