7 ways to drink less Alcohol

7 Ways to Drink Less Alcohol

If you are drinking too much alcohol, it’s important to cut back on your drinking. Below are 7 tips will help you to cut back on your drinking.

  1. Keep track of your drinks. This can be a fantastic tool for analyzing how much you’re drinking and for bringing patterns to light. The mere act of keeping track of what you drink may help you drink less naturally. It’s also vital to know if you’re estimating your alcohol consumption correctly. “A person may record three drinks, but are they three normal drinks containing 1.5 ounces of alcohol each, or are they larger?” Knowing what constitutes “one standard drink” can assist you in precisely calculating your intake.


  1.  2. Set Limits. Depending on where you’re starting, try gradually reducing the number of drinks you take. When you cut back, you might have two drinks instead of three, or one instead of two. Check to see if drinking less solves any existing issues.


  1.  3. Set aside days for Abstinence. You might decide that Mondays and Fridays are “no alcohol” days. This can help to prove that you can do it.


  1. 4. Keep alcoholic beverages out of the house. When something is out of sight, it is often out of mind. If this is not possible, keep a healthy physical distance from it by placing it on a high shelf.


  1. 5. Drink alternate beverages in social situations.  Limit your quantity by alternating (alcoholic) drinks with sparkling water to keep your intake under control. This will help you stay hydrated and pace yourself. In a restaurant, ordering a non-alcoholic cocktail or even adding a lime or other garnish might make a non-alcoholic drink feel more special. If you have social pressures, it can also help disguise the fact that you aren’t drinking as much as others.


  1. 6. Eat while you drink. Eating before or with an alcoholic beverage might help decrease the absorption of alcohol and can also make you feel more full, so you may drink less.


  1. 7. Keep clear from urges and triggers. Some people want to stay away from circumstances where they would normally drink. Instead, spend your time doing something you enjoy, such as going on a picnic or socialising at events that aren’t centered on alcohol. If you can’t avoid a certain event or setting where you might feel compelled to drink, make a plan to avoid falling back into old habits. Plan to do something else during that time such as phoning a friend, going to the gym, or taking a bath.

When Should I seek help?

When you’ve made attempts at reducing your drinking and you’re unable to achieve it on your own, you should seek help. Also, If you feel like you don’t have the time or capacity to do it on your own and you need additional support and hand holding, you should seek help. For help with your drinking and addiction, check out the Delancey Street Addiction Hotlines and Rehabs.

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